Of Little Girls and Kittens




Our cat has obligingly produced yet another litter of fine kittens. This time she gave birth under the porch, not in the van. I thought that was a much more appropriate place. We weren’t even aware of the kittens until they tottered out, blinking their milky blue eyes at the sunshine. To say my girls were thrilled would be an understatement.

 Since the colder weather has come, I have relaxed my rule of “NO kittens in the house” to “IF they poo, you will clean it up.” Parental compromise, there you have it. Since we cleaned out the toy box, this is how they use it. I think it is a win all around. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Of Little Girls and Kittens

  1. I really do wanna squish them… and I could almost cry at the impossibility of dropping in on you in everyday life. (and the empty toy box and freshly filled toy box inspires me ;))

    1. Sometimes they watch, fascinated, while the kitties imbibe nourishment from their mother. Reminds me of you, years ago, on the porch floor.
      Just try dropping in on me!

  2. Your girls are impossibly darling! I love love how refreshingly simple and fun my childrens “fun” has become with an empty toy box. And Rach, I would just love to be able to drop in on my sis too. I hate distance. I think if I lived in the same community as you two and Ro, I would surely die of happiness. Think of the tea parties, and the impromptu visits we could have.

    1. El, for a while I thought the empty toy box is too radical. Like, surely they will get too bored and I will cave and bring back the toys to brim full. This is two months now, and I am sold. Yesterday we stowed the dolly and its bag of clothes. Olivia actually cheerfully took it to the attic herself, “for later”. They play so sweetly (mostly) with the hand full of stuffed animals that are currently in the toy box. And with old curtains and gloves and dress ups and measuring cups and coloring books… Of course, they have each other and their kitties. What more could one want?

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