Is It Friday Yet?

My mom volunteered to watch the children for me this morning so I can hit a few yard sales. I mulled over it and decided to take her up on her offer. It isn’t every day that you have a sitter who likes your children so much that you don’t feel at all obligated to pay them. GOD BLESS GRANDPARENTS! I say it often, with heartfelt meaning.

Of course, there was some laundry going on, and I asked Mom to bring her shampooer so I could tackle the girls’ bedroom carpet. You know how you just get the feeling that a room stinks, like maybe someone peed themselves once too often, and you cannot ignore it anymore?  I had all this stuff I should have been doing, but I saled anyway. Found some really good deals, too. When I got back at lunch time, everybody was happy, Mom had done my ironing and already cleaned the carpet. Then she just kept on going and did the living room carpet, too.

An extra pair of hands is such an amazing thing. I told my mom that I no longer feel like the butcher who backed into his meat grinder.  He got a little behind in his work.

Ha. Isn’t that just the best pun ever? It isn’t original with me, but I get a fresh laugh out of it every time I think about it. I admit, I wrote this whole post just so I could pass on that giggle.

5 thoughts on “Is It Friday Yet?

  1. Dorcas, I just love how real and honest you are.. like the peed comment:) And thanks for the chuckle..I needed that right now!

  2. Don’t you sort of owe me for that joke? 😉 I’m with you about the chuckle, and oh, everything else too!

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