Repost: Humor for my friends in the mothering trenches.

I have discovered that a sense of humor is a great way to deal with some of the everyday crises that mothers face in caring for their offspring. And since I like “you might be” lists, I have collected my own. 

You Might Be a Mother…

…if you know that a band-aid and a kiss are better than a doctor most days.
…if you don’t flinch when your child uses his shirttail for lack of a tissue.
…if you can meditate in the same room as a toddler with a xylophone.
…if you can enjoy reading “The Biggest Bear” for the twentieth time.
…if you can see the eternal value of wiping things all day long. 
…if you have little teeth marks on your chap stick.
…if you plunge things deep down under other stuff in the trash can to keep them from being rescued.
…if you absentmindedly eat the food you just scraped off your baby’s mouth with the spoon, and hope nobody else at fellowship meal noticed.
…if you can keep a straight face and sympathize with a child’s distress at not being able to get his buttons into their cracks.
…if you consider it all in a day’s work when there is panic in the bathtub.
…if you feel vaguely hungry at 3:00 P.M. and realize that you fed everyone but yourself at lunchtime.

…if you are willing to give your life away every day for the sake of little people who have no idea that you ever had any other life… You might be a mother. 

Experimenting with Word Press

I have been messing with this new blog format, trying to figure out how it differs from the program I had been using for the last few years. The one that fell prey to the i cloud in some obscure way that I don’t understand. Not being all that computer savvy, I generally stick carefully to what I understand. This is not just cowardice, but largely because I don’t have a lot of free time to experiment and figure out all the clicks of the ins and outs in bloglandia, and I definitely do not speak programese. So far, so good. I will probably repost some of the things I wrote within the last year for the sake of continuity.

Gabe was telling me that he saw all the back to school deals out on the Walmart shelves, and isn’t it about time to get ready to hit the books again? I really just want to bury my head in my memory foam pillow and not think about it for a long time yet, but since I am the teacher around here, that is not a luxury I can afford. Currently I am reading Susan Macaulay’s “For the Children’s Sake”. Maybe that will be the thing that will inspire me to get excited about new pencils and textbooks, a disciplined schedule and juggling tots with class.

Any of you teacher moms out there that have recommendations for inspirational reading or links that you find helpful… please give me a heads up in the comments.

Hello friends!

Today when I was trolling around my house, doing what homemakers do, (laundry) I found myself picking up odds and ends in the strangest places. The amount of the pickings is a phenomenon directly related to the number of people who live in a household, especially little people. Lollipop sticks, stray buttons, butterfly hair bands, plastic frogs, and what-in-the-world-is-it-doing-here? a permanent marker… all get a quick deposit into my pocket until I have time to sort them out.

You see, we really get into pockets around here. It isn’t just the mama. Where else would little boys keep their knives and rubber bands and springs pirated out of pens? Everyone knows little girls have to have a place for tissues and shiny candy wrappers and doll shoes.

When I found myself ruminating on a new blog name, I chose “Wocket in My Pocket” just because we love that book by Dr. Seuss, but mainly because I thought it described life around our house rather well. I hope it is easy for you, my friend, to remember. Thank you for stopping by.